VDR Solutions for Renewable Energy M&A Deals

The organization of the renewable energy M&A deals requires time and effort. Therefore, modern companies use innovative digital data rooms to conduct transactions more efficiently and quickly. Here is more about data room software functionality.

The peculiarities of the renewable energy M&A deals

Today, profit margins for energy complex companies are shrinking, forcing them to look for new ways to increase efficiency and return on investment and new revenue streams. At the same time, consumers expect more from suppliers. In addition, the development of the world economy and its large-scale modernization lead to the fact that companies are merging to strengthen their position in the market, accompanied by a redistribution of control and power of managers. However, there is another option for developing such a process, when a more extensive and more vital company “absorbs” a smaller and weaker company to minimize the number of competitors in the market and strengthen its position. This process is called mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

In some countries, the energy sector is consolidating, while in others, smaller and more agile suppliers are entering the market steadily. Since 2015, the number of M&A transactions in the renewable energy sector has increased every year and continues to grow. Companies – market leaders are moving to new segments of the energy sector, transferring their assets to companies of the so-called “second-tier.” Therefore, firms’ main form of consolidation is the horizontal integration of “second-tier” companies with the former divisions of the oil and gas complex leaders.

How to organize renewable energy M&A deal via VDR solution?

The automated virtual data room (VDR) makes it possible to carry out a prompt and transparent exchange of information between all parts of the renewable energy M&A deal process, reduces the time required for the preparation of specific tasks, and eliminates the possible occurrence of errors in the preparation of reporting documentation.

The introduction of an automated system will provide convenience in work, rational organization of production, and psychological stress reduction. Also, physiological loads will decrease because the time spent on the same work will significantly reduce with the introduction of appropriate software. Furthermore, it will positively affect the worker’s performance because VDR will decrease the amount of processed information, and the staff will have additional time to analyze and make management decisions.

VDR solution provides the following benefits for organizing renewable energy M&A deals:

  • Availability. VDR solution architectures provide redundancy and high availability. In addition, there are service assurance capabilities to monitor and maintain service levels.
  • Efficient decision-making. With the help of a corporate data room, you can have the correct information in the right place at the right time. It is the basis for your decision-making and thus the triggering of business processes. The faster the accurate information is available, the faster decisions can be made, or more decisions and business processes in the same unit.
  • Easy access and search. The digital archiving of a document management system saves these documents in a central archive that everyone can access via the network. The data room software can later find the archived document using stored information. It is significantly faster than searching in the originals,
  • Security. The content of the data room is protected against unauthorized access. It is achieved with two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption when sending sensitive data. As a result, even IT staff such as administrators and user support do not have access to confidential information.
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