Remote Sales Collaboration with VDR

Business is increasingly looking toward remote sales. It is no longer a whim and not a startup but a real need connected to today’s events. This article will consider organizing remote sales collaboration with data room software.

What is the role of a data room in sales collaboration?

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) manage the entire sales cycle, leads, and sales team in modern business. Such platforms offer features such as automation and workflow management tools that aim to make the sales team more efficient with fewer resources. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the needs of your business to select the best software for your company.

VDR for sales facilitates collecting statistical data on sales, customer, and employee activities. With its help, it is easier to lead the client through the entire funnel and close the deal successfully. There are dozens and hundreds of different features in different data rooms that allow you to minimize the risk of error or loss of customers. In addition, such services will enable you to identify weaknesses in the company and indicate what needs to be upgraded.

The data room is a whole range of various tools that help almost completely automate part of the company’s business processes – this is company project management, working with clients, accounts, and finances.

How to organize a deal in a data room?

In sales VDR systems, you can distribute transactions by type, stage, and level of responsibility. An activity is additionally added to each transaction: a call, a task, a meeting, an event, etc. The transaction can be displayed in the form of a table, graph, or map. The company manager, at any time, will be able to adjust the stage of the transaction or other information on the card. When creating a new transaction card, you must fill out a particular form. This function allows you to track how the cooperation is going and the deal’s stage.

With the help of a sales pipeline, you can create a detailed and visual process, which will display each stage of the transaction and the responsible persons. It helps to understand how effectively this or that channel works and analyze at what point you are missing out on potential customers. If you need to perform several related actions at one stage, use the automatic addition of template tasks or enter mandatory fields in the lead or deal card, depending on the sale stage.

As a VDR element, the transaction has a card that contains all the information related to the sales process: goods or services, amount, and customer data. The transaction card can be customized for any activity: create the necessary fields and configure access to them, combine the fields into blocks and set the desired card type for employees.

VDR solution ensures the following capabilities for productive remote collaboration:

  • Reception, processing, and control of requests received via different communication channels;
  • Communication with clients directly in the deal card;
  • Automatic generation of documents: commercial offers, contracts, invoices;
  • Generation of reports on sales and purchase history;
  • Conversion analysis and bounce handling;
  • Archive transactions and negotiations throughout the history of the work.

Moreover, in a data room, it is convenient for the sales department to set new tasks and track the stages of their implementation. Several tasks can be combined into one project, divided into separate sub-items, and responsibilities can be distributed among employees. When an employee is made responsible for implementing a particular item, he receives a notification in the system.

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